Tim Cruly

Tim Cruly - Singer/Song Writer

        My 5 song EP is available on Apple/iTunes and all other major online music outlets. Entitled The Sounds of Rain Part 1, small collection of 5 songs that I wrote over the years. Brand new album coming right behind it called The Sounds of Rain 2 in September 2019. 

       I was born in Winnipeg Mb, and spent a lot of time between there and Little Saskatchewan First Nations.  I grew up in two worlds, one in the city and one in the country. 

      I write my music mainly on acoustic guitar and piano and synth.  I now find myself at the musical crossroads of looking for a certain "sound" Hopefully,, Cool lyrics, great songs...No boundries!! Always wanted to blend genres in Country and Pop; a chance to explore, listen and learn.

The Sounds of Rain Part 1 & 2. Represents the decades long experiences as the life as a Troubadour and my life experiences along the way;  how the sounds evolve over the years. I  have a song catalogue of music that grows weekly and in the process of monthly recordings that will lead into the release of 2 straight Albums. We expect to release a minimum of 20 songs in the next few years. Next album will arrive in 2021.              

Over  the years I've played many casinos in Western Canada and Music Festivals.. I have been lucky enough to e be an opening act for artists like Charlie Major, Shane Yellowbird, Street Heart and many other cool acts. I hope to keep having fun along the way playing Live as much as I can and hope to see you all soon!